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Our History

We were a local Drop-in Youth Ministry held together by a few people who engaged the community of faith. By 2001 it became clear that we wanted to be under the umbrella of Youth For Christ and so we became a satellite of YFC Steinbach and rented a small space right along the highway 75 in Morris and were known as Cafe 75. In 2003 we had the opportunity to purchase a building at the edge of town, 320 Boyne Ave West. By 2006 we had achieved Chapter Status with Youth For Christ Canada and moved from Dependence to Interdependence with this worldwide known organization of Faith. We have grown over the years and currently have a fantastic facility, complete with Concrete skate/BMX park and an official boxing club registered with Manitoba Amature Boxing Association. We are a organization that engages the hearts of volunteers to serve the youth of our community, bringing hope with the Love of Jesus Christ.

Our Values

  • Jesus Christ

    YFC Morris’s primary focus is mentoring youth in their relationship with Jesus Christ and it is our desire that they come to know who God is through the actions of the staff and volunteers, and the programs at the drop-in.

  • Family

    We believe that a person’s family leaves the most lasting impact, even more than we can provide at the drop-in. Therefore it is our desire at YFC Morris to reach out not only to the youth, but to their families as well. We desire to cultivate relationships with the parents of our youth and provide support and resources to help them build strong families.

  • Community

    The drop-in centre belongs to Morris, Lowe Farm, Rosenort and the surrounding area. The support of the community is essential to running the drop-in and it is our desire to come alongside the community to help bring hope, and return their support where we can.

  • Relationships

    Morris YFC exists for the building of healthy relationships among staff, volunteers, youth, and partners. We want to encourage everyone firstly to build a strong relationship with God and from there with other people in a way that showcases honour, respect, and service.

  • Church

    We believe that the Church is God’s primary agent for spreading the gospel across the world and we partner with the churches of Morris, Lowe Farm, Rosenort, and the surrounding area to bring the gospel to our youth. We want to see our youth become involved in churches to serve, be mentored and grow.

  • Youth

    Morris YFC exists as an advocate for the youth of the community, to see them develop a relationship with God and grow in the areas of character, values, leadership, and service.

  • Volunteers

    Morris YFC relies heavily on the prayers and efforts of our volunteers and it is our desire that they develop strong relationships with God, with each other, the youth, and the staff. We want to see volunteers receive ongoing training and encouragement for Christian living and ministry.

Our Team

Jack Wiebe
Executive Director

Jack Wiebe

Director since 2008. Husband to Esther. Father to four children, Mikayla, Bethany, Ian, and Natalie. Loves God, Loves people. Living actively and expectantly for the Hope of Christ to be revealed.