What do an Old Bathtub, Old Cars and Paint Have in Common?

They all Belong in a Paintball Field!

Summer is sometimes a slow time of year Рwith no school summer days can seem to drag by endlessly. Not so much at the drop in РStampede and regular programming are enough to keep us on our toes. And when our youth are shooting at us with paintball guns, well, we better be on top of our game. Such was the case last week as we took our youth to our new paintball field.

Before taking advantage of the field we had to do a bit of work to make it a functional paintball field. We dragged a few old cars into the field, tidied up stray logs lying around and set up pallets, piles of tires, an old bathtub and other obstacles and hide outs to make the field challenging to play in. After a bit of work, we took a break and put on our gear to see how many welts and bruises we could inflict on each other. I’m not sure what the final tally was, but the youth wanted to play against the volunteers and I can tell you Jack, Katrina and Monica gave them a run for their money.

A highlight of our time was the two games of capture the flag (or capture the box in our case). The box was hidden in plain sight in the middle of the field and it took courageous efforts on both sides to move the box from its open position. Amid much gunfire, commotion, and fierce competition, the team of volunteers claimed the box both times for a double victory.

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